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dr evans whitaker and mrs diane whitaker

Spring 2023 博彩平台 Magazine

Spring 2023 博彩平台 Magazine

Spring 2023 - An Incredible Legacy in Progress

From a distance, the house was everything Evans and Diane Whitaker wanted. The neighborhood was perfect, the views idyllic, the facade pristine.

Why, they wondered, is it so inexpensive?

(You probably know where this is going.)

“We went up the stairs, onto the porch and looked in the window. It became obvious why it was so cheap,” Dr. Whitaker recalls. “It was a disaster inside.”

This magazine is the story of laying those foundations, a 20-year process that continues today. It’s a celebration of Dr. and Mrs. Whitaker’s incredible legacy.

They bought it anyway, and it became “the hardest personal project we’ve ever undertaken. But when we finished, it was stronger, better, more appealing, more marketable.”

When the newlyweds bought that house, it was symbolic of what would become one of the Whitakers’ core values: to find something beautiful and make it better.

Anderson University was not “a disaster” when Dr. Evans and Mrs. Diane Whitaker arrived as president and first lady more than 20 years ago. The culture—or, perhaps more accurately, the people who embraced the value of intentionally Christian higher education—was strong. It was a beautiful place in an ideal location. The foundation was intact. But the pillars—Great Academics, Great Faith, Great Hospitality, Great Purpose—weren’t fully formed.

Basic numbers tell that story. Barely 1,600 students attended Anderson in 2002, taught by 60 full-time faculty members and supported by 80 staff.

Today? Anderson University is the largest private institution of higher education in South Carolina. Enrollment this year reached a record of nearly 4,200 students. Among majors, minors and academic concentrations, those students have access to approximately 130 courses of study. And it’s a university that employs roughly 1,000 people who work at a “Great Colleges to Work For” honor roll institution—one of only two in the state.

So, when Dr. Whitaker says his and Mrs. Whitaker’s hope “was to make Anderson University a stronger place,” you could consider it a mission accomplished. But it’s not. As Dr. Whitaker says, “I’ll be laying foundations until my last day on the job.”

This magazine is the story of laying those foundations, a 20-year process that continues today. It’s a celebration of Dr. and Mrs. Whitaker’s incredible legacy: where Anderson University has been, where it is now and, ultimately, where it’s headed.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

Featured Stories

His Calling is His Legacy

Across campus, a forest of oak trees held pillows of verdant foliage, a testament to strong roots spreading deep and wide, unseen beneath tufts of perfectly manicured fescue just out of view of the men and women gathered in a windowless auditorium.

An Oral History

The possibility of closure haunted Anderson often—especially in its early years. The first full-time president, Dr. James Kinard, only served two years (from 1914 to 1916), in part because he feared its collapse could come at any moment

Kindness. Caring.
And, Yes, Cookies!

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Diane Whitaker is known for her culinary prowess–specifically, chocolate chip cookies.

A new legacy: coach Gail Wallach and the launch of Trojan women’s lacrosse

The head coach for Anderson University Women’s Lacrosse, Wallach learned extreme diligence and tenacity as a three-sport star in high school and college.

Fabric of 博彩平台

kip miller 3

Kip Miller

At each Anderson University commencement ceremony, President Evans Whitaker addresses the graduates as they prepare to take on the new role of Anderson University alumni.

mary anne bunton

Mary Anne Bunton

After 30 years of service to Anderson University—as a student, supporter and Chair of the Board of Trust—Bunton remains enthusiastic about the institution’s future.


In memoriam: Dr. Melvin Younts

A transformational giver, Dr. Younts will be celebrated, remembered and his legacy of giving felt for many years to come.

Jason’s Column

This is my opportunity to express my appreciation to Dr. Whitaker for all the ways he has impacted my journey at Anderson. And I am just one of many.
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